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Wood Deck Projects

From pressure-treated wood to exotic hardwoods, we’ve been designing and building decks in and around Halifax for over 15 years. Below are some of our local projects.

The best deck builder in Halifax

If you are looking for compliant Halifax deck builders, you will find out many. But when you want to hire the best one, you should definitely contact Archadeck of Nova Scotia. They are the best in deck building Halifax.

Proper planning is a crucial phase when building or remodeling a deck. You must not leave this necessary step for the end of the project. Do not have it as an afterthought of the plan because railings must be included in any plan building a deck as a part of itself. With it, you will have robust balusters, upon which to affix the railings. Otherwise, you’ll try to improvise the building process, which doesn’t use to work.

In Archadeck, we want to infer on the importance that a well-designed project has to the building process. If you design and plan all required steps carefully from the very beginning to the project’s end, then you will see how many tasks you have already done by far and how many are left. The success of your project will depend dramatically on that plan, so be minacious with every single detail.

There are many available materials to choose from on the market, from wood to glass going through aluminum or vinyl. Try to match your home decor with the most suitable equipment and style; the right combination for an extremely luxurious effect may be vinyl coated aluminum balusters. The current demand over these posts is very high at the moment because they are quite affordable and brings luxury and style to your garden. But remember to start from the beginning, from a detailed plan.

Pool deck plans are a blessing to homeowners who are dreaming of having a lower deck in Halifax but simply do not have the resources. These plans are made with the complete DIY novice in mind. They come complete with illustrations and clear instructions that detail the whole process of building a deck.

You can have your Upper deck Halifax as straightforward or as extravagant as you want it to be. Your imagination and your budget will only limit you. And speaking of budget, you can save a lot of money if you will make the pool deck yourself. Don’t worry if you do not have any experience in building a deck. Our experienced team can give you any deck solution at a very reasonable price at a convenient time.

So, whether you are up to installing an upper deck or lower deck Halifax, feel free to Contact Us anytime.
Halifax Pressure Treated Deck, Pergola, and Stone Patio

Dartmouth Pressure Treated Deck & Stone Patio

Halifax Pressure Treated Octagonal Deck with Built-in Benches and Planters

Brown Pressure Treated Deck & Stone Patio – Dartmouth, NS

Dartmouth Two-level Deck With Pergola

Halifax Brown Pressure Treated Deck

Cedar Deck & Pergolas

Brown Pressure Treated Deck – Windsor Junction

Halifax Two Level Pressure Treated Deck

Dartmouth Pressure Treated Raised Deck

Pressure Treated Deck With Lots Of Privacy – Bedford, Nova Scotia

Single Level Pressure Treated Deck, Cole Harbour, NS

Pressure Treated Raised Deck with Black Aluminum Balusters

Wrap-Around Deck, Lap Pool & Sunroom

Complete Indoor / Outdoor Living Space

Deck with a View, Halifax

Pressured Treated Deck, Halifax

Multilevel Pressure Treated Deck with Glass Rail, Halifax

Pressure Treated Deck with a Pool, Halifax

Pressure Treated Deck & Dock, Halifax

Pressure Treated Deck with Glass Railing

Multi-purpose Entertaining Space

Updated Pressure Treated Deck

Wood Deck with Built-in Storage Benches

Halifax Brown Pressure Treated Deck & Fence

Diagonal Patterned Pressure Treated Deck, Halifax

Hot tub Entertainment Area

Multilevel Pressure Treated Backyard Oasis

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